Will Duffy

Debate: Is Open Theism Biblical?

Does God have exhaustive knowledge of the future? Though this debate is long, I really like how it’s structured (broken into 6 15-minute sub-topics after opening statements).

Practical Faith: “Does the Bible teach that God knows the future exhaustively?” This debate will be broken down into 6 sub-topics chosen by the debate participants (3 for each side). Each sub-topic will be discussed for 15 minutes, with one side leading the conversation.

Open Theism
1. What does the Bible tell us as to how God obtains information?
2. According to the Bible, has God ever had the ability to change what would happen?
3. Exodus 32 is one of many examples in scripture that describe God changing His mind due to outside input.

Non-Open Theism
1. Prophecies in which God details specific future free decisions of humans (example being 1 Samuel 10:1-7)
2. Foreknowledge of free human actions as a defining attribute of Deity (example John 13:19)
3. Foreknowledge in election

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