Debate: Materialism or Dualism Debate(Egnor V. Papineau)

Dr. Michael Egnor is a neurosurgeon who came to Christ at the ripe age of 45! Here, he debates an atheist on whether or not consciousness is a byproduct of the material world or not. Have at it!

Theology Unleashed
: Two leading scholars on either side of the debate will discuss the hard problem of consciousness.

“David Papineau is a British academic philosopher, born in Como, Italy. He works as Professor of Philosophy of Science at King’s College London and the City University of New York Graduate Center having previously taught for several years at Cambridge University where he was a fellow of Robinson College.” He has written widely on epistemology, metaphysics and the philosophy of science and mind. His books include “For Science in the Social Sciences” (1979), “Theory and Meaning” (1990), “Reality and Representation” (1987), “Philosophical Naturalism” (1992), “Thinking about Consciousness” (2002), “Philosophical Devices” (2012), and “Knowing the Score” (2017).

“Michael R. Egnor, MD, is a Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook, has served as the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, and award-winning brain surgeon. He was named one of New York’s best doctors by the New York Magazine in 2005. He received his medical education at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital. His research on hydrocephalus has been published in journals including Journal of Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Research. He is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Hydrocephalus Association in the United States and has lectured extensively throughout the United States and Europe.”

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