Debate: Did Jesus Rise Bodily from the Dead?

Catholic apologist Trent Horn takes on PineCreek Dug, a fella who takes some pleasure in shooting barbs at apologists. The debate places the burden of proof (arguing in the negative) on the non-theist, and he “explains it away” in a variety of ways.

Digital Gnosis

00:00 Intro Countdown
00:50 – Start
01:53 – Opening Statement (Trent)
17:10 – Opening Statement (Doug)
32:58 – 1st Rebuttal (Trent)
40:10 – 1st Rebuttal (Doug)
45:41 – 2nd Rebuttal (Trent)
50:00 – 2nd Rebuttal (Doug)
54:20 – Cross Exam (T X D)
1:05:00 – Cross Exam (D X T)
1:16:10 – Q&A
1:49:30 – Closing Statement (Trent)
1:54:48 – Closing Statement (Doug)
2:00:00 – Secret end message

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