Video: Is Presuppositional Apologetics In The Bible?

I appreciate that the two gentlemen in this video go through specific NT verses that may or may not make the case for presuppositionalism. If you’re curious what the bedrock verses are for this position, they’re all laid bare here.

What Your Pastor Didn’t Tell You
: I’m joined by PhD student in New Testament, Nick Quient, to discuss the Presuppositional apologetic method and common Bible verses used to support it. Nick Quient is a PhD candidate in New Testament at Ridley College in Melbourne, AU. He also earned an MA in New Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary and a BA from Biola University. He has published in the Canadian-American Theological Review, Priscilla Papers, and the Evangelical Review of Theology and is the author of “The Perfection of Our Faithful Wills” (Wipf & Stock, 2019).

For more from Nick, you can check out his Youtube channel below:…

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