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Video: 20 Facts I Wish I Knew As a New Christian

This video doesn’t contain any information that apologists and theologians won’t know, but it’s a good reminder about what baby Christians don’t know. It’s a cheat sheet for things to make sure our new Christian friends learn.

Melissa Dougherty
: Just a heads up… I just had too much fun making this video. The sass… the tea… the lame jokes. Next level. Today’s video are just ways to make you the most interesting person at your next dinner party. For those of you who are senior Christians, then just a heads up, this video isn’t really aimed at you, but who knows, there might be something you didn’t know! After a recent conversation with a new Christian, I realized that sometimes we forget that there are quite a few Christians that may not know these things, and we forget at one point there was a time that *we* didn’t know these things either! So just consider this your fun Christian version of Snapple facts here on the Tubes of You.

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