Monday, May 27, 2013

Apologist Interview: Carson Weitnauer

Today’s interview is with Carson Weitnauer, co-editor of True Reason, author and speaker at, and the current president of the Christian Apologetics Alliance. He talks about his background and ministry, campus apologetics ministry, the Christian Apologetics Alliance, the need for mentors, friends and accountability, equipping churches to defend the faith, practical applications, advice for apologists, and more.

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  1. Sivraj Jarvis May 28, 2013

    Good interview and good to know about the Christian Apologetics Alliance also. I was not familiar with the site.

    ~ We all know that there is a huge problem with youth dropping out of church once they go off to the university. I think that if research were done comparing youth drop out rates of youth who come from churches where there is an Apologetics program vs. churches where there is not one, we would find a lower drop out rate among the former.

    It is not simply that they go off to college and get tanked at frat parties. This they usually grow out of when they receive their report cards. However bad philosophical ideas are much harder to be rid off. Once they get lodged they can be there for a long time.

    I say this because it does seem like a lot of pastors are concerned about the youth drop out rate and yet I don't see anything happening on the Apologetics end at their churches.