1. Drew February 26, 2011

    Thank you for posting my video!!

  2. Randy Everist February 26, 2011

    Drew…which link was yours? Was it Christian Fundamentalism?

  3. Drew February 26, 2011

    It was the Christian Fundamentalism one.

  4. Randy Everist February 26, 2011

    Nice job! I enjoyed the pace and content of the video. Mine was "How and When to debate." I'll have to check out your blog!

  5. Drew February 28, 2011

    Sanitized version available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs7v6CLqOlM

  6. Ex N1hilo February 28, 2011


    Why the sanitized version? I did not hear any profanity in the original.

  7. Drew February 28, 2011

    One of my friends said he would like to show it in front of his class, but some of them come from Roman Catholic backgrounds, so this one is minus the section on Roman Catholicism.

  8. Ex N1hilo February 28, 2011


    I can understand why your friend would not want to offend anyone. I don't like to offend people either, although I don't seem to be able to stop doing it.

    Anyway, you have a great point in your video about anti-intellectualism in the churches.