New Podcast: Fallacy Friday by Matthew Flannagan

The Fallacy Friday Podcast is the weekly audio version of Matthew Flannagan‘s Fallacy Friday posts over at the MandM blog. Matt has has occasionally been asked by para-church, church and home-schooling groups to put together a critical thinking or “mini logic” course, with a focus on fallacy spotting, and teach it to their youth. He has found the demand to be quite high from youth and adults alike, so he has decided to do a short piece on this every Friday on MandM entitled “Fallacy Friday.”

Apologetics315 will be producing the audio version, released every Friday as well. Subscribe using:
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To navigate the series in print, use the Fallacy Friday tag over at Check out the introduction to the series (text | MP3), and the first episode: What is an Argument? (text | MP3)

Be sure to visit and subscribe to MandM blog. Hear an interview with Matt Flannagan.


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