Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Refutation of Zeitgeist MP3 Audio

If you have heard of or watched the online conspiracy-theory movie Zeitgeist, then this audio file may be helpful in dissecting just how deceptive and incorrect it is. In this audio file, Glenn Peoples unpacks and refutes many of the movie’s false claims and errors. A good audio file to point people to who may have questions. This audio is from Glenn’s “Say Hello to My Little Friend” podcast, found here. Blog here.

Full MP3 Audio here (55 min)



  1. Cataphatism January 5, 2011

    There are also two videos on this topic:

    1. Zeitgeist Refuted and Debunked:

    2. Zeitgeist Refuted

  2. Nick January 5, 2011

    Tektonics has some good material on this.

    That anyone even buys and of this nonsense is further evidence of how much our society has fallen intellectually.

  3. emmzee January 5, 2011

    There's also a good series of articles about Zeitgeist here:

    The navigation is a bit unintuitive; the table of contents is on the right sidebar.

  4. Tory January 5, 2011

    Bruxy Cavey had a really good sermon and drive home on Zeitgeist:

    Drive Home:
    Sermon Notes:
    Sermon Quotes:

    And here is the following week's sermon which isn't specifically on Zeitgeist but is in the same vein discussing whether the Christ story is a copy cat.

    Drive Home:
    Sermon Notes:
    Sermon Quotes:

  5. vbd January 5, 2011

    The old Zeitgeist conspiracy! I remember so many at college being taken by this crap while I was getting my undergrad.

    Even Richard Carrier and Tim Callahan (of Skeptic magazine) call Zeitgeist utter nonsense. And Luke (over at Common Sense Atheism) doesn't recommend it either.