Apologetics 315 Podcast 084 – Maximal Data Case for the Resurrection with Lydia McGrew

Episode 084 – Maximal Data Case for the Resurrection with Lydia McGrew

In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Dr. Lydia McGrew about making a case for the resurrection of Jesus with a “maximal data” approach.

0:43 – Where have we been? On Holidays!!
1:03 – Chad’s important info on two Walters… https://a315.co/3PLbTXo
4:10 – Intro to Lydia McGrew
7:00 – Welcome Lydia, about her background
9:08 – Methods of defending the resurrection
10:09 – Where to find Paley’s arguments
10:26 – What is the Minimal Facts Argument for the resurrection?
13:24 – Why has the MFA become so popular?
15:12 – Are there any strengths of using the MFA approach?
18:17 – Shouldn’t we use data that are agreed upon by a consensus?
23:24 – Can you just use “well-evidenced” facts
25:36 – When does a case become maximal vs. minimal?
29:07 – Do scholars really affirm what the MFA claims?
32:11 – Can the minimal facts even get you to the resurrection?
37:22 – Are there other problems? Overselling it?
39:48 – We ask Lydia to demonstrate another approach: maximal data
40:49 – The elevator pitch of the maximal data approach for resurrection
43:47 – Does this approach kick us back to defending Gospel reliability?
44:58 – Making a case for Gospel reliability
46:15 – When skeptics point to scholars
48:38 – More defense of Gospel reliability (where we spend the time)
49:52 – Why not argue for BOTH reliability and resurrection?
52:14 – A common false saying to watch out for
52:35 – Gospels and doctrine
55:20 – Scholars doubting John’s reliability
55:50 – 15-minute version of the Maximal Data Case for the Resurrection
1:09:17 – Suggested resources for learning to defend the resurrection and the Gospels:

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