Melissa Dougherty

Podcast: Did Jesus REALLY Claim to be God, Perform Miracles and was Resurrected? How Can We Know for Sure?

Melissa Dougherty and her guest, Mikel Del Rosario (“The Apologetics Guy”) take a look at the historical Jesus, covering all the basic apologetical issues that arise from looking at the Gospel’s and the incarnation.

The Melissa Dougherty Podcast: Did Jesus actually perform miracles and did the Bible record it correctly? Was He just a magician? What about Jesus’ claims to be God? Who was He praying to in the garden? What about the resurrection? Did Jesus actually rise again or are there other explanations for what happened? How Can we know for sure? I interviewed my friend Dr. Mikel Del Rosario, about these topics… who’s much smarter than me. He’s also known as the ‘Apologetics Guy’ on social media. 

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