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Podcast: From Invisibility to Advocacy

What does apologetics and church worship look like in an international/global context? This conversation with Raymond Chang delves into issues of violence, race, and cross-cultural outreach. The ep also includes a convo with a US Marine Vet who’s ministry involves speaking out on mental health issues.

Viral Jesus: This week, Heather talks to Raymond Chang, president and cofounder of the Asian American Christian Collaborative (AACC). Ray is well known on social media for his bold voice on issues pertaining to faith, race, and justice. Ray also serves as a campus minister at Wheaton College, where he leads the school’s Discipleship Ministries program. He preaches and speaks around the country and has lived throughout the world (Korea, Guatemala, Panama, Spain, China). Find Ray on Twitter @tweetraychang

In this episode Heather and Ray discuss political divisions in the church, the anti-Asian violence that made headlines earlier this year, and ways we all can keep a global mindset when worshiping with one another. Ray also explains how our faith calls us to address the sin of racism in the church and society.

And in our #GrowingViral segment, meet Sam Dumcum, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and duathlete who is an outspoken champion for mental health and for helping people with post-traumatic stress disorder. 

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