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Debate: Does God Exist? (Egnor Vs. Dillahunty)

According to the youtube comments, the theist here, Michael Egnor, got completely dismantled by atheist Matt Dillahunty. Was that your takeaway as well?

Theology Unleashed: Matt Dillahunty is a seasoned debater, the current president of the Atheist Community of Austin, and the well known host of The Atheist Experience. He has debated Jordan Peterson, David Wood and a host of other theists, and has shared stages with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Laurence Krauss. He is known for his cool headed logical arguments and philosophical abilities. @Matt Dillahunty

Michael Egnor, MD is a Professor and vice-Chairman of Neurosurgery at Stony Brook Medical School in New York and is the founder and director of neurosurgical residency training at the medical school. He has served as the director of pediatric neurosurgery and was named one of New York’s best doctors by the New York Magazine in 2005. He received his medical education at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed his residency in neurosurgery at the University of Miami. His research on hydrocephalus and cerebral blood flow has been published in journals including Journal of Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, and Cerebrospinal Fluid Research and has over 40 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Hydrocephalus Association in the United States and has lectured extensively throughout the United States and Europe.

Nathan Ormond will be moderating. Check out his channel over here: @Digital Gnosis He hosts the odd debate but mainly hosts discussions and does streams discussing arguments for theism from a skeptical perspective.

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