Weekly Podcast Roundup (04/05)

Veracity Hill

Is Christianity influenced by Greco-Roman thought? If so, is it a bad thing?

For this episode, Kurt is joined by David Briones and Joseph Dodson to talk about the Apostle Paul’s intellectual thought.

Risen Jesus

In this episode of the Risen Jesus Podcast, Dr. Licona and Kurt discuss the contentions of New Testament scholars James DG Dunn and AJM Wedderburn that historians cannot investigate miracle claims. Dr. Licona discusses why he thinks Dunn and Wedderburn are mistaken.

Trinity Radio

Stephen Woodford of the channel “Rationality Rules,” recently gave his take on the general story of the Bible from the garden to the cross. He provides an analogy of two sisters treated cruelly by an idiot father, that he thinks mirrors the biblical narrative. Does this account resemble an accurate and academic treatment of the Christian story, or is it more akin to South Park? You decide.

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