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The New International Commentary (NIC) on the Old & New Testament (NICOT & NICNT) is widely regarded as the premier academic commentary for pastors and parishioners alike. They are consistently ranked first or second on and for good reason. Each volume utilizes all the tools of modern critical scholarship yet is committed to the evangelical principles of inspiration. Original language interaction with the Biblical text is usually confined to the footnotes and appendixes. The entire 53 volume set is not hamstrung by one denominational lens. A rich and diverse perspective can be found throughout such as Pentecostal, Methodist, Anglican and Reformed. This commentary takes into account recent socio-rhetorical, archeological, and manuscript evidence and discoveries.

With Logos Bible Software, one can easily navigate all 53 volumes with a click of a button. One no longer needs to search a vast library and leaf through the pages to get to the exact passage of scripture. Linking within Logos allows a user to select a text from your preferred Bible translation and simultaneously mirror the NIC commentary within the same window. Furthermore, Logos Bible Software uses tags, key words and concepts to aid your study of a particular topic such as justification or judgement within the commentary.

I use the NIC set each time I prepare a class or sermon. It allows me to be culturally cognizant of Ancient Near East and Greco-Roman cultures for both testaments. The Scholars help tease out nuances in the text while meticulously commenting on each verse in detail. Their insights will spur your creativity while keeping you within the bounds of the text. Helpful summaries and book outlines are indispensable to keeping the scripture in proper perspective. These are merely a few reasons why I continue to use the New International Commentary as my go to resource in my personal and professional Bible study.

With the recent Logos 8 platform, NIC can be integrated with your daily Bible study through the workflow tool. Workflows allow you to type in any passage of scripture and have a ready-made study structure at your fingertips for exploring the passage in fine detail based on your resources. Bibles, commentaries, systematic theologies and dictionaries get pooled together in a cohesive structure. Step by step, a Logos 8 user will walk through the passage. First, by reading the passage in your default bible version. Second, by comparing that passage with other popular bible versions. Next, you will be guided to explore ancient near eastern concepts, themes, and practices or move through a detailed analysis of the original languages, or better understand people, places or events through the New International Commentary. All of this in one place. My personal opinion is that this tool alone is worth its weight in gold.

Logos does not draw any pre-selected or default conclusions. Rather it pools your entire library together and structures them for intense study consolidating it all in one place for easy use. (Click here for a demonstration.)

Right now, the entire 53 volume set is discounted 43%. The entire set can be purchased for $1,172.65 or a little over $22 per volume. Individual commentaries can be purchased for under $30. Hurry now the sale ends May 15th. Use code word Apologetics8.

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