Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Apologetics Bonus Links (02/15 – 02/22)

Here are this week’s recommended apologetics links. Enjoy.

Apologetics Stories Project
The Wonders of Modus Tollens
Call for Papers – Sententias
Finding Trustworthy Scholars
How To Deal With Emotional Doubts
A Review of Cold-Case Christianity
CrossExamined Instructor Academy 2013
Testimonies of Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses
Summer Seminar 2013 at Rivendell Institute
When You Stand for Nothing, You’ll Try Anything
Oxford Centre For Christian Apologetics Vimeo channel
Chorley Pageant Training Day: Mormonism Investigated UK
Apologetics Conference Calgary 2013: Be Ready Conference
Our Sense of Moral Obligation Proves Materialism Is False
“C.S. Lewis vs The New Atheists” – Peter S. Williams (Video)
William Lane Craig debates Lawrence Krauss: Does God Exist?
Investigating Bart Ehrman’s Top Ten Troublesome Bible Verses
Apologetics Conference Calgary March 2013: Be Ready Conference
The New Testament Books Are Unique Because They Are Apostolic Books
Mike Licona lectures on new insights into the resurrection of Jesus
“Why These Books and No Others?” February 23rd Event with Michael Kruger
Currently Reading: Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God

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