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Ten years after 9/11, many will be reminded of the problem of evil. People may define the problem of evil different ways. Some, like Bart Ehrman, would say that evil is God’s Problem, while many point out the errors in such a view. Some theodicies attempt to explain God’s reasons for allowing evil, but as Ravi Zacharias points out, every worldview must provide an explanation for evil. Clearly, evil and suffering present one of the biggest challenges to believing in a loving God. Here are a number of helpful resources for working through this issue:

This 18-minute video by Paul Copan gives a brief overview and answer to the problem of evil. Three problems of evil by Peter S. Williams outlines the various types of evil we experience. William Lane Craig discusses the issues and challenges of evil and suffering in this talk. Peter May wrestles with how one can believe in a loving God since evil exists. Doug Geivett discusses the problems of evil, and Mardi Keyes gives four categories of the problem.

For those considering the subject of theodicy, even deeper study is ahead. Check out Bruce Little’s interview on theodicy and Clay Jones’s interview on evil and suffering. Bruce Little also has a good lecture called Evil and the God Who Knows, as well as a series of lectures digging deeper.

Still think Bart Ehrman’s got a good case against God with evil? Check out Michael Brown’s debate with Bart Ehrman on the problem of suffering.


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