Friday, July 10, 2009

J.P.Moreland vs. Clancy Martin Debate MP3 Audio

Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland debates atheist philosopher Clancy Martin on the topic: Does God Exist? Original video found here.

Full MP3 Audio here.



  1. Matthew July 10, 2009

    The audio makes them sound robotic.

  2. Brian July 10, 2009

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Always walking a thin line between audio sound quality and file size. The original source audio wasn't the best, and then keeping the file size low was a concern. The audio is, in my opinion, not the best, but acceptable for AM speech quality.

    Thanks, Matthew.

  3. humanitasremedium July 11, 2009

    thanks so so so so much for posting this! I can't wait to listen to it. thanks again!

  4. Eyo July 13, 2009

    I was present at this debate in 2005. Moreland was at his finest and Clancy so much as admitted a loss in the debate but his position is very hard to maintain. He is skeptical of everything. One wonders why he isn't skeptical of his skepticism…

  5. Merrit April 23, 2010

    is there a transcript for this debate somewhere?

  6. Brian May 4, 2010


    I am not aware of a transcript. But please let me know if you come across one. Thanks

  7. GalileoUnchained January 26, 2015

    At 1:40:00, Moreland makes very bold claims of miracles. All we have to base them on is his emphatic assurance, which isn't enough for me.

    In particular, I was curious about the Vietnam vet whose eye had been destroyed 25 years earlier was restored to perfect sight through prayer. I wonder: why is Moreland wasting his time blathering on making the unsubstantiated claims that any nut might make when he has powerful examples like these? He should be collecting the evidence and convincing the skeptics.

    That Moreland says God does miracles means almost nothing to me. That's what they all say. But for miracles to become the consensus view of the scientific community? Now that I would listen to.