Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Answering Doubts: A Conference for Questions—Videos

The videos from the 2014 RZIMAnswering Doubts” Conference is now online. Designed as “a gathering for Christians and non-Christians alike focused on addressing essential, profound, and relevant questions about the Christian worldview,” this conference featured talks and Q&A forums with featured speakers Nabeel Quereshi, Cameron McAllister, and Alycia Wood. All videos one page here. Or view on YouTube here:

Is Christianity Beautiful? – Cameron McAllister
The Problem of Truth – Alycia Wood
Can We Know if God is Real? – Nabeel Qureshi
Media and the Gospel – Cameron McAllister
Why Do I Need God? – Alycia Wood
My Journey to Christ – Nabeel Qureshi
• Answering Doubts Q&A #1


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