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  1. paulcorrado January 29, 2011

    Just wanted to comment on the "Tactics and talking points for defending traditional marriage" link. I will not argue about gay marriage morality because i do not get my ideas on right or wrong from the same place many other people do on this site. I just want to point out that saying "marriage is about bringing together men and women so children can have mothers and fathers" would exclude couple that are too old, can not for any reason, or choose to not have kids from the many positive aspects of marriage. One more point, from what i understand marriage has changed a lot over the years. Multiple wives was common in the bible, arranged marriages have been common and even the idea of marriage being associated with love have not always been the norm in all cultures. (i am not saying any of these are good but just pointing out that it has changed a lot) I also want to thank Brian for not taking down my posts even when i may disagree with him or the majority on the site. I understand that some webmasters do this and appreciate that he does not. Thanks Brian!!