Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Real Problem of Islam MP3 by Jay Smith

In this audio hosted at Christian Heritage, Jay Smith explores the undergirding principles of Islam. He discusses the issues of Islam and the Christian response.

Full MP3 Audio can be found at Christian Heritage here. (1hr 40min)

See also this other talk with Jay Smith.


The audio is copyright Christian Heritage. More of their resources here.


  1. Drew October 24, 2010

    Do you have a link to more Jay Smith video and/or audio resources?

  2. Michael Baldwin October 24, 2010

    Drew, is a profile of Jay, especially at the bottom. is a debate between Jay and Shabir Ally whom he has engaged with on numerous occasions. There is also discussion on that page in the comments section.
    His channel on youtube is 'pfanderfilms' which is extensive, tehre are many many videos of him just talking straight to the camera on loads of different issues.
    He really comes alive, though, in impromptu debate and youtube really doesn't do him justice on that count. He is so easy to listen to and is a powerful speaker, he has memorised a ridiculous amount of information regarding the Bible, historicity of it, Islam, the Qur'an, Hadith etc. You should try and get down to see him debate on a Sunday afternoon at the famous 'Speaker's Corner' it really is the last bastion of free speech!!
    Here is a good example of a debate at speaker's:
    Another formal debate is here