Friday, June 11, 2010

William Lane Craig vs. Massimo Pigliucci Debate MP3

In this 2001 debate at the University of Georgia, William Lane Craig and Massimo Pigliucci address the topic: Does the Christian God Exist? 

Full Debate MP3 Audio here. (2hr 34min)


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  1. Glenn Hendrickson June 11, 2010

    Thanks Brian!!

  2. bossmanham June 11, 2010

    Pigliucci has a great accent.

  3. byrom June 23, 2010

    What an awful performance from Pigliucci! There simply isn't enough room to go through the unbelievable list of fallacies and contradictions (and even concessions) he made!

    Most noteworthy, however, was his back-pedaling against his own claim that quantum physics demonstrates creation "uncaused, out of nothing" when confronted by an actual physicist from the audience!

    Simply awful, and Craig wasted no time dismantling his arguments!

  4. bebil December 31, 2010

    What an awful performance evaluating this debate byrom, craig brings nothing but arguments from ignorance and red herrings. His arguments are false dichotomies he attacks the position the atheist takes then says its god or nothing, ignoring many other options. Craig is an idiot.

  5. Russell December 31, 2010

    @ Bebil

    First you said craig brings nothing but arguments from ignorance and red herrings.
    then you said Craig is an idiot.

    Perhaps this sort of sophistry is the reason you have one follower on your blog.

  6. adam santibanez March 12, 2011

    I think what's great about apologists like WLC and others is that when their arguments are given an audience, the self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual atheists are exposed. Their responses evince an inability to understand/grapple with the argument, and it shows by their lack of a relevant rebuttal.

    You almost never hear a WLC debate go like this:

    WLC: I feel a good argument for the existence of God is X. Here is my syllogism:

    i) If -P, then -Q.
    ii) But we know that P.
    Therefore Q.

    Opponent: I disagree with my opponent's argument. Here is why:

    1) It is not necessarily the case that if -P, then -Q. My counter example: X.

    2) I think the second premise is only an assumption and therefore, if I am to accept it as a solid premise, I will require more of a reason to believe it is more probably true than its negation.

    3) The conclusion is not warranted because the argument is logically invalid.

    But no, instead we often hear, "It isn't nice to think that God doesn't exist. It isn't nice to believe that all this will pass away eventually. And these ideas are the only reason you believe in a God. It is because you are a weak-minded religious person."

    A hilarious example of this is the debate between Craig and others with Dawkins and others, found here:

  7. Anonymous October 17, 2011

    Does anyone have the other Craig vs Pigliucci debate? Pigliucci claims to have debated Craig twice, the first claiming the debate came to a draw (which I assume is referring to this one, even though his assessment seems mistaken), the second he claims to have "wiped the floor with Craig".

  8. Kyle Preston June 13, 2012

    This is actually the 2nd of the debates. Pigliucci claims this is the debate where he "wipes the floor with Craig's…..". He says so here:

    I say…listen to this debate and judge who wins for YOURSELF!!

  9. Anonymous January 15, 2013

    Pigliucci could've done a much better job. He should have proven how the resurrection (assuming it happened and can be proven) doesn't prove WLC's concept of God (trinitarianism). All it would prove is that a supernatural agent exists that rose Jesus from the dead. It wouldn't prove that this supernatural agent is a Trinune God (which is how WLC defines: 'Christian theism').