Monday, November 16, 2009

Featured Podcast: Confident Christianity with Mary Jo Sharp

Mary Jo Sharp of Confident Christianity has launched a new podcast. This podcast is well-produced and Mary Jo is an articulate defender of Christianity. This first episode is on The Need for Apologetics and is geared with a particular emphasis to women and apologetics (although not limited to women, of course). With quality and content like this, listeners should look forward to what is ahead. Check out Mary Jo’s blog here, and main ministry website here.

Full MP3 Audio of first episode here. RSS feed here.


You may also be interested in her debate with her debate with Ehteshaam Gulam: Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

What was last year’s post? See here.


  1. Marcus McElhaney November 17, 2009

    This was a great podcast!

  2. asharpfamily November 20, 2009


    Thanks! I'll let MJ know.