Tuesday, March 24, 2009

William Lane Craig vs Shabir Ally MP3 Audio

William Lane Craig debates Shabir Ally on the topic: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? at McGill University, Quebec, Canada, February 2009. Video can be found at Reasonable Faith.

Full MP3 Audio here.



  1. dvd March 24, 2009

    Shabir looses this debate decisively. I thought Shabir’s arguments were desperate and Craig really took him to town here.

  2. Chucky March 25, 2009

    If I was an muslim student watching the debate, I would certainly have been tempted to get a gospel and see what it says, particularly after Craig demonstrated he knew the Koran. Craig was a clear winner, but more importantly he did it honestly and respectfully.

  3. dvd March 25, 2009

    Just one more thing. I never saw Shabir loose this bad before.

  4. Ranger March 31, 2009

    Shabir is going to be debating on “Unbelievable?” on Premiere Christian Radio this week. Is this quickly becoming anyone else’s favorite weekly podcast? I really enjoy listening to it.

  5. thegrandverbalizer19 November 25, 2009

    Does anyone know when Dr. William Lane Craig will be debating James White on Calvinism?

  6. George Samuel Raju February 17, 2010

    Even I am waiting for a debate between Dr. William Lane Craig and Dr. James White on Calvinism. It will be a great debate, if it happens.

  7. Anonymous February 7, 2013

    Mr. Ally actually proved that the New Testament is corrupt, contains too many mistakes thus cannot be the word of God, but merely a book of history written by anonymous writers who often contradict each other. Very contradicting book, indeed. I know that wasn’t the subject of the debate, but that is what I have concluded from it. I’m very surprised that Dr. Craig didn’t even try to defend the Bible, and agreed with all what Mr. Ally had to say about it.

  8. Chad February 22, 2013

    Hello Anonymous One,

    If I am understanding you correctly, you are "surprised" that Dr. Craig didn't respond to a claim that wasn't the topic of the debate. That doesn't seem very surprising to me.

    The topic of the debate was, "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?" As Dr. Craig has stated time and time again, one does not need to prove the NT is the Word of God to argue for the historicity of the resurrection.

    Finally, Craig has responded to some of the popular supposed contradictions here.


  9. Joe Creason September 20, 2013

    Oh! A Craig v White debate on Calvinism! I'd like to hear that one, too! Does Craig debate on topics like that?