Apologetics 315 Podcast 078 – Presuppositional Apologetics with Eli Ayala

Today’s Show Notes:
Episode 078 – Presuppositional Apologetics with Eli Ayala

In this episode Brian Auten & Chad Gross interview Eli Ayala about the apologetic methodology known as presuppositional apologetics. The goal is to get a better understanding of the what and why of the approach.

2:28 – Who is Eli Ayala? https://a315.co/3MNxJrK
4:39 – Eli affirms 80’s movies and notes his favorites
6:05 – How did you get into apologetics?
13:28 – The Revealed Apologetics YouTube Channel
15:28 – What is important to Eli when doing apologetics?
18:35 – Key scriptures that inform presuppositional methodology
21:46 – Why is this method called “presuppositionalism”?
23:45 – Is this like worldview analysis? What’s special about this?
27:22 – What is the essence of the presuppositional approach?
32:10 – What is the presup framework vs. presup method? Who decides what presuppositionalism means?
34:15 – Is this approach modeled in scripture?
36: 00 – Does Acts 17 show a presuppositional approach or not?
40:01 – Trying to nail down what’s missing in a non-presup method…
46:55 – Trusting God vs. trusting the unbeliever?
48:00 – Discussing various approaches within the presuppositional “camp”
53:49 – Whose theology? And how do we actually apply it?
56:20 – Can we build bottom up or should we start from top down?
1:01:47 – Why isn’t presuppositionalism not taken seriously in philosophy of religion?
1:06:29 – Further resources for reading about presuppositionalism
1:11:43 – Where to find Eli online:


We Destroy Arguments by Stephen Feinstein

Always Ready by Greg Bahnsen

Against All Opposition by Greg Bahnsen

The Impossibility of the Contrary by Greg Bahnsen

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