Apologetics with Brian O'Connell

Podcast: The Watchtower: A Non-Profit Organization

As apologists, we need not only to know our own faith, but also the faith of those who would claim to be within our ranks. This first part of a new mini-series on the Jehovah’s Witness is necessary listening for any Christian who is ignorant of this cult.

Apologetics with Brian O’Connell: The Watchtower Organization claims to be the “mouthpiece of God.” Since their inception, the Watchtower Organization and its members, Jehovah’s Witnesses, have claimed that all other churches and denominations are false and that the Watchtower is the only organization through whom God speaks. Do these claims represent reality? Is the Watchtower the only organization through whom God speaks? In this episode we will look at several prophecies that Watchtower Presidents made to see if those prophecies came true. We will also look at what the Bible says about God’s standard for prophets to see if these Watchtower leaders qualify. 

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