Debate: Young Earth Creationism Debate (Lazar V. Akin)

This debate takes place between a couple of Catholic apologists, so much of this particular debate circles around church tradition and what the magisterium has said on the issue throughout church history. Nonetheless, it’s a solid debate!

Pints With AquinasPints With Aquinas217K subscribersSUBSCRIBEGideon Lazar and Jimmy Akin will debate the resolution “the earth was created a few thousand years ago”. Format for debate below.

Opening Statements: 20 Min each
Cross Examination: 20 Min each
Audience Questions: 30 minutes
Closing Statements: 5 Min each

00:00 Intro
2:03 Start
2:40 Free ebook
3:12 Introduction to the debaters
4:31 Opening statement Gideon Lazar
24:07 Opening statement Jimmy Akin
41:03 Cross-examination intro
41:45 Exodus 90
42:55 Gideon asking Jimmy questions
1:03:17 Jimmy asking Gideon questions
1:30:05 Hallow prayer and meditation app
1:31:08 Q&A intro
1:31:31 Dinosaur fossils
1:34:33 Most credible arguments for each side
1:38:25 Days of creation
1:40:55 Radiometric dating paradigm
1:44:38 Providentissimus Deus and Fr. Chad Ripperger
1:47:37 Church Fathers and Magisterium
1:51:38 What if evolution were true
1:54:57 Empirical data points
2:00:23 Old earth and recent life
2:03:38 Share this video on social media
2:03:54 Reminder about free Lenten meditation pdf
2:04:29 Leave comments on this video about your thought about this debate
2:04:42 Gideon’s closing statement
2:10:42 Jimmy’s closing statement
2:16:46 Wrap-up (and where to find further information)

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