Debate: Does God Exist? (Johnson V. Barker)

Dan Barker makes another appearance debating a theist. This time (during the Q&A section), he tells us that he’d send God to hell for creating hell. Johnson, on the other hand, runs through the first cause and objective morality arguments with sufficient verve and clarity.

Convincing Proof: On March 5, 2022, the debate “Does God Exist?” was held in Orlando, Florida, at FREEFLO, which is the biennial conference of the Florida Humanist Association. Dan Barker, an atheist and co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and Adam Lloyd Johnson, a Christian and director of the Ratio Christi chapter at the University of Nebraska, were invited to debate this question.

0:00 General Introduction
7:01 Speaker Intros
10:25 Adam Johnson Opening Statement
26:09 Dan Barker Opening Statement
42:53 Dan Barker Rebuttal
53:33 Adam Johnson Rebuttal
1:04:05 Audience Questions
1:22:17 Dan Barker Closing Statement
1:26:17 Adam Johnson Closing Statement
1:30:12 Concluding Remarks

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