Apologetics 315 Podcast 071 – Slavery & The Bible

Today’s Show Notes:
Episode 071 – Slavery & The Bible

In this episode Brian Auten & Chad Gross discuss the topic of slavery in the Bible. Did the Bible condone slavery? A wide-ranging discussion.

This week’s book reading discussed:
1:54 – Peter J. Williams’ book: Can We Trust the Gospels?
2:25 – C. S. Lewis – A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet
3:01 – Frank Turek’s Hollywood Heroes
5:48 – Mailbag question: Molinism, Provisionism, and crossing the streams… and Tim Stratton’s response
9:10 – Tim Stratton’s book: Human Freedom, Divine Knowledge, and Mere Molinism: A Biblical, Historical, Theological, and Philosophical Analysis
10:00 – Introduction to the topic of slavery and the Bible
13:51 – Peter J. William’s talk: Does the Bible Promote Slavery?
13:58 – Defining what slavery is…
17:30 – Distinctions in meanings; translation differences
27:19 – John Mark Reynolds article on slavery in the Apologetics Study Bible for Students
37:50 – Racial slavery: does the Bible condone it?
41:40 – Some take-aways

Recommended resources on Slavery and Old Testament ethics:

Against All Gods: What’s Right and Wrong with the New Atheism by John Mark Reynolds and Phillip Johnson

Christianity On Trial: Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry by Vincent Carroll and David Shiflett

Is God a Moral Monster? by Paul Copan

God Behaving Badly by David Lamb

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