Podcast: What Happens in China When Someone Worships Jesus Outside State-Controlled Churches?

Here’s a short pod that paints a picture of the persecution Christians face in China, including the gov changing Biblical texts and stories! Have a listen and pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ abroad.

The Christian Post Podcast: What happens when a person decides to worship Jesus outside of China’s state-controlled churches? 

“If you want to worship in a church that is not vetted by the state you have to worship in an illegal, underground church,” Christian Post reporter Leah explained.

Klett explores the issues surrounding Chinese government control and Rev. Fr. Jonathan Liu’s harrowing story — as well as his warning for Christians. 

Read Klett’s story as well: https://www.christianpost.com/news/chinese-pastor-blacklisted-by-communist-party-shares-testimony.html 

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