Debate: Is the Old Testament Fact or Fiction? (Barker V. Ross)

Barker takes the positive position in this debate (the OT is fiction), while leaning on Dawkins to make his point, while Ross appeals to archaeology and prophecy in Daniel to make his case that the OT is historically reliable and affirmable.

KJB1611: The Old Testament is Mainly Fiction, not Fact,” is part 1 of a debate at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater between Dan Barker (atheist & president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation or FFRF) and Thomas Ross (Independent Baptist seminary professor, Bible-believing Christian, and follower of Jesus Christ). Part 2 is “Prophecy and Archaeology Validate the Bible as the Word of God.” contains the book on Daniel referenced, debate transcripts, and a review of arguments made. The debate terms stated the discussion was over: “[T]he fictional or factual character of the vast general body of the Old Testament . . . over history/prophecy/archaeology, not over creation/evolution and Genesis 1-11, prehistory, geology, or biology. Those would be worthwhile debates but they are for another time.”

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