Debate: Is Social Justice Biblical? (Jackson V. Moses)

This online debate is a bit different in that there’s a bunch of faces watching live, so you can judge how the args hit based on facial expressions! Debate starts at 10:44. Enjoy!

MJ Jackson: This is a debate that I participated in last year on the topic of whether or not if social justice is biblical between Matthew Jackson and Pastor Mike Moses. Bios below.

Matthew Jackson is 35 years old; he is a native of Fort Worth Texas, he currently resides in Hot Springs Arkansas and holds an MA from Liberty University. He is currently working on his second master’s while also working in the Career Services Division of Goodwill. You can find his content on YouTube at the Urban Christian Institute. Matthew will be taking the position that social justice, properly defined and grounded is biblical.

Mike Moses is the Pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Westland, MI. He has an MDiv. & ThM from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Michigan with his wife, and three young sons. Mike will be taking the position that social justice, as commonly practiced in our culture is not biblical. You can check out some examples of his published work on topics like intersectionality and transgenderism.

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