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Podcast: Is Calvinism a Cult?

How ’bout this one for a podcast topic? Wherever you stand on the topic of Calvinism, election, and predestination, there are folks on the other side that feel just as strongly. How do we share bread with those we disagree with vehemently in the church?

Apologetics Live: Why do some have such a hardline against Calvinism? Some people even call it a cult. However, is it really a cult? There are many people that claim that it is a cult and not biblical Christianity. Many people misunderstand what a Calvinist believe and therefore assume that it is false teaching. Matt Slick of CARM joins the discussion to talk about Calvinism. First, this discussion will define what a cult is. The second is to define what Calvinism is. If someone does not have a proper definition of terms it can create a misrepresentation of the positions. Matt answers a question on the decrees of God. Also, a question from a listener was answered about how to witness to a universalist.

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