William Lane Craig

Debate: Calvinism vs Molinism (Craig V. White)

Yowzers! This is like the Rumble in the Jungle! Two tremendous Christian thinkers and debaters going head-to-head! William Lane Craig versus James White? Unbelievable? BELIEVE IT! Take in this debate that circles around the problem of evil.

Unbelievable?: Calvinism and Molinism are two very different ways of understanding God’s sovereignty. But which one best addresses the problem of evil? James White argues that Calvinism – God foreordaining all human behaviour both good and evil – is the more Biblical and coherent view. William (Bill) Lane Craig argues that Molinism – a view which reconciles human freedom and divine sovereignty – is Biblically consistent without making God the author of evil.

For James White: https://www.aomin.org

For Bill Craig: https://www.reasonablefaith.org

For the 2013 Bill Craig & Paul Helm dialogue on Calvinism & Molinism: https://bit.ly/3o550G0

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