chemistry of resurrection

Video: Scientist Says the Dead will Rise from the Grave

The first half of this lecture looks at various Bible verses that speak into the reality of the resurrection. The 2nd half (starting at about 15 mins in) looks at our chemical make-up and how some of the objections to resurrection don’t follow logically.

DrJamesTour: UPDATE 10/12/21: We deleted a portion of the original video regarding the comments on the origin of the universe. Being a scientist, I am held to different strictures than some other social media posters. Hence, correction is warranted. While one cannot re-run the creation of the universe and take data on it several times, the Big Bang model of the universe’s origin has certainly been exquisitely verified through mathematical prediction followed by experiment. The Einstein Field Equations, Thermodynamics, and the current state of the universe as measured by astronomy are used to predict the cosmic background radiation. When one puts the current observed conditions of the universe into the EFE and uses the universe as a homogenous and isotropic material of the observed mass-density, momenta, temperatures, etc., and then applies thermodynamics to that gas in the EFE, the consequent prediction is today’s currently observed cosmic microwave background radiation distribution. The physics test is this: if the EFE is true, and if thermodynamics is true, then the Black Body Radiation law dictates that the universe should be filled with the remaining Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) temperature of 2.725 Kelvin and its associated distribution function. That radiation is suggested to represents the leftover echo of the Big Bang. That prediction results from the above laws when given the “initial” conditions of this observed universe, those conditions determined by measurement. When one plays the solved equations in reverse, as it were, they arrive at the Big Bang. So, the Big Bang is the consequence of the Einstein equations, thermodynamics, and the current measurements of our universe. This cosmology falls apart when the universe is extremely small and extremely hot, very near the beginning, because there is no successful union of quantum mechanics with general relativity at this time. But the Hot Big Bang model’s agreement with the measurement of the CMB, for which Arno Penzias and Wilson won the Nobel Prize, is regarded as strong scientific evidence for this being the correct model of cosmology. (It suggests that the entire universe has a beginning analogous to the Genesis 1:1 description. However, care must be taken in fitting biblical events to scientific data, especially regarding the early chapters of Genesis. Scientific facts remain, as do biblical claims. Scientific data interpretations and biblical interpretations are both subject to change.) As for dark matter, scientists have shown that a large, non-radiating, gravitational mass exists in our universe, but the source of that mass and its properties unknown and under intense scrutiny. Finally, most things are measured using electromagnetic (EM) tools, and the highest precision measurements in the world are made with EM-based measurements. But there are other measurement methods such as mechanical techniques. If you found this helpful and a blessing to you or learned something new, please share and give this a like or thumbs up.

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