New Testament Evil

Debate: Is the New Testament Evil?

Usually, when Christians debate anything to do with evil and the world, the Old Testament is put on trial. Here, the conversation is focused specifically on the NT, with James White having to defend the NT against a Christopher Hitchens replacement.

Alpha & Omega Ministries: Originally slated to be with Christopher Hitchens, this debate took place on Long Island on August 30, 2010.

In this quick-moving, lively and spirited debate, James White and David Silverman debate the foundations of truth, morality, humanity, knowledge, Scripture, and the nature of God Himself. This exchange will be a valuable resource for those seeking to find a balanced answer for a wide variety of the topics unbelievers broach.

Mr. Silverman’s objections, and Dr. White’s responses, on morality, goodness, slavery, dignity, salvation, original sin, the problem of evil, and other topics are truly valuable. Of special note is the discussion of objective ethics in cross-examination, and Mr. Silverman’s attempted defense of subjective ethics.

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