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Video: A Response to Josh McDowell’s Recent Statements

This video looks at the exact words that Josh McDowell said that led to him stepping down from his leadership position at CRU. In general, the video here examines McDowell’s statements about critical race theory and his understanding of cultural privilege. Understanding where each other are coming from is crucial in building unity both within the church and how we’re viewed from without.

THE BEAT by Allen Parr: Well known Christian apologist and best-selling author and speaker Josh McDowell has recently stepped down from his ministry because of alleged “racist” comments he made during a recent conference. In this video we will explore whether or not those comments were racist, how people reacted to it and Josh’s reaction as well.

I’ll also share some key lessons that we can learn from this situation from Josh McDowell that we can apply to our own lives. Let the record show that Josh McDowell has since apologized for his statements as well. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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