theology in the raw

Podcast: Theology, Film, and the Idolatry of Marriage

Stories are HUGELY impactful on our worldview. They help shape how we perceive the world actually works. When we interact with tv, movies, games, and novels, we need to think beyond the big 3 sins (violence, sex, and language), and process through the worldview effect these stories have on us and our children.

Theology in the Raw: In this episode, we talk at length about a theology of film, looking at the deeper meaning of various movies and discuss how Christians should watch movies. Oftentimes, we get hung up on the big 3 sins: sex, violence, and cussing. But what about “clean” movies that have super compelling and incredibly bad narratives–like pretty much every Disney princess movie ever made? We also talk about masculinity and the idolatry of marriage.

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