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Podcast: Are My Christian Beliefs Based on Truth or Error?

What is truth? This podcast episode digs into various sectarian beliefs within Christian communities. How much of what we believe is based on our denomination’s tradition? Does that tradition matter? Or are we adding to laws to the Gospel?

Christian Questions Bible Podcast: When Jesus was being questioned by Pilate, he told him that those who were “of the truth” would “hear his voice.” Pilate’s answer was an important question, for he asked, “what is truth?” This brief interchange brings us to similar questions. How do we know that we are people “of truth”? Do the groups we follow, be they centuries old denominations or newer Christian sects, hold to the “truth” Jesus spoke of? How much of what we are being taught is based on biblical truth versus denominational tradition, and how much is just plain opinion? And to pile on further, at the end of the day, does any of this even matter?

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