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Debate: What Did the Early Christians Mean When They Said “God Raised Jesus”?

This debate is HOT OFF THE PRESSES! A good friend of Apologetics315, Mike Licona is the creator of the Risen Jesus podcast and is an awesome source for historical apologists. Despite the long debate question, it’s really a straight forward discussion: did Jesus literally raise from the dead?

Mike Licona – YouTube: On October 4, 2021, Dr. Mike Licona and Dr. Dennis MacDonald debated the question of how we should understand the resurrection of Jesus. The debate occurred at Washburn University and was sponsored by Christian Challenge, a Christian ministry on campus. Used with permission. Visit their channel:…. Mike Licona is associate professor of theology at Houston Baptist University. HBU offers an accredited Master of Arts degree in apologetics that may be completed entirely online or on the HBU campus in Houston. For more information, visit

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