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Debate: Should Christians Really Tithe?

This debate is hosted by a South African and asks an important question that a lot of times we kinda look the other way on: is tithing 10% something that God asks Christians to commit to? Does that money have to go to the local church, or does giving to missions count?

Solomon’s Temple – YouTube: SHOULD CHRISTIANS PAY TITHE? Is tithing still even required? Wasn’t it an Old Testament law? Didn’t Christ abolish the law with His death and resurrection? Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners chapel, Living Faith Church said you will be in a financial curse if you don’t tithe. Are false prophets and fake pastors using it to get rich? Should I tithe off the gross or net of my income? Does God really expect me to tithe if I’m struggling in my personal finances? Many Christians are told to give 10% of their income to the church. How biblical is Christian tithing? Religious buffs debate. What does the Bible say about Christian tithing? #Tithe #Churchmoney #robGod #davidoyedepo

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