Apologetics 315 Podcast 045 – Dealing with Doubt after Losing Trust

Today’s Show Notes:
Episode 045 – Dealing with Doubt after Losing Trust

In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross address the topic of dealing with doubts after losing in trust. They also discuss William Lane Craig’s book on the historical Adam.

0:26 – Weather, seasons, and fun facts about Northern Ireland
3:43 – Resource about Halloween: Ken Samples – The Tricky Topic of Halloween
4:31 – “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” podcast, and takeaways
8:49 – The Quest for the Historical Adam by William Lane Craig; questions and impressions.
Interviews with WLC about the book:
Justin Brierley’s interview
Sean McDowell’s Interview
Reasonable Faith podcasts
15:29 – A surge of posts at Truthbomb Apologetics
The Chick-fil-A argument for the resurrection
16:59 – Feedback on the Karl Payne Spiritual Warfare Interview
Spiritual Warfare by Karl Payne for 1.99 on Kindle
17:48 – Listener question about Doubt
18:54 – Brian’s advice for dealing with doubt
28:50 – Chad’s advice for dealing with doubt

Further resources for dealing with doubt:

The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Sean McDowell and Josh McDowell

Are the Gospels Reliable? by Peter J. Williams

Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace

God’s Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Frank Turek and Norm Geisler

The Thomas Factor by Gary Habermas

Gary Habermas’ book Dealing with Doubt

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

Website – Michael J. Kruger at Canon Fodder

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Brian Auten is the founder emeritus of Apologetics315. He is also director of Reasonable Faith Belfast. Brian holds a Masters degree in Christian Apologetics and has interviewed over 150 Christian apologists. His background is in missions, media direction, graphic design, and administration. Brian started Apologetics315 in 2007 to be an apologetics hub to equip Christians to defend the faith.

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