Weekly Podcast Roundup (07/11)

AP 315 Podcast

Listen to “029 – Rhetoric with Jim Beitler” on Spreaker.

In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Jim Beitler, Associate Professor of English at Wheaton College, and author of Seasoned Speech: Rhetoric in the Life of the Church as well as Charitable Writing: Cultivating Virtue Through Our Words (with co-author Richard Hughes Gibson). They discuss rhetoric and communication in relation to Christian Apologetics.


Debate has raged over the timeline of Christ’s return. Daniel Goepfrich holds to ‘premillennialism’ – that Christ will return before a 1000 year reign of peace, Chris Date holds to ‘amillennialism’ – that there will be no literal 1000 year reign.

One Minute Apologist

What Does It Take To Be A Moral Person? Hopefully, we are all seeking to be a moral person, but what does it take? We seek to tackle that on this episode of Unapologetic, where we defend truth without comprise with Dr. Bobby Conway, the One Minute Apologist; and your host, Tim Hull.

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Mark A. Lester has been a dedicated movie reviewer since the age of 13, from the classics of the golden age to the blockbusters of the 21st century. He currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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