Weekly Podcast Roundup (04/04)

AP 315 Podcast

In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross answer listener questions: one concerning the historical reliability of the Old Testament and one on the topic of revival.

Peaceful Science

A presentation by Joshua Swamidass followed by a conversation with Ryan Calo about the philosophical and biological implications of artificial intelligence. Originally presented by the Veritas Forum at University of Washington. Slides for this talk are integrated into the video.


Bishop Robert Barron of Word on Fire and Alex O’Connor of the Cosmic Skeptic channel discuss the evidence for God, the nature of faith and the problem of suffering.

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Mark A. Lester has been a dedicated movie reviewer since the age of 13, from the classics of the golden age to the blockbusters of the 21st century. He currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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