Apologetics 315 Podcast 018 – Sarah Enterline on the Life of Susanna Newcome

Today’s Show Notes:
Episode 018 – Sarah Enterline on the Life of Suzanna Newcome

In this episode, Brian Auten and Chad Gross interview Sarah R. Enterline (www.sarahrenterline.com) about her recent book No Apologies: The Life & Work of Susanna Newcome.

0:30 – Update: A nice fruit basket.
1:47 – Intro to Sarah Enterline.
4:24 – What Sarah has been working on lately with The Library of Historical Apologetics. Cataloging and researching the work of historical apologists.
5:50 – What Sarah didn’t expect to learn about apologists from the past, and what most people don’t know about C.S. Lewis.
7:18 – What interested Sarah in Susanna Newcome? Her character and life, her academics.
10:44 – The odd relationship between Susanna and her husband. Susanna’s reputation as a top-class thinker.
13:42 – Why character matters more than ever.
16:27 – What makes this book different? And why it’s so amazing.
18:51 – The state of women in apologetics today, and how we might see more interest and involvement of women in apologetics.
23:21 – The shift to more women in apologetics today.
24:34 – Are men more interested in the rational side of faith than women, or is that a myth?
30:18 – The amazing range of arguments for God in Susanna Newcome’s work. Unique perspectives she brings to the table that we don’t see today. Appeals to happiness.
36:51 – The importance of defining one’s terms, and how to make a good argument. Lots of footnotes is a good thing.
40:43 – When looking for evidence for God, we should expect to see miracles. What sort of evidence are we looking for?
45:14 – Anticipating potential objections and answering them.
45:59 – Susanna wrote a second version of her work to answer new objections on the scene in her day.
49:02 – Argument from prophecy: should we see them more today? How helpful are they, and in what areas are they most beneficial?
53:21 – Apologetic arguments that bolster the faith of believers, not only geared to non-believers.
54:35 – What can apologists today learn from the life and work of Susanna Newcome? How to logically lay out an argument.

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