Weekly Podcast Roundup (11/08)

Risen Jesus

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 2! In this season, we are diving into the historical sources pertaining to the resurrection of Jesus and discussing how probable or helpful some of them are. In this episode, we discuss the reliability of the Canonical Gospels as historical sources for the resurrection of Jesus.


Justin talks to Jana Harmon about her PhD research on adult atheist conversion to Christianity and presents stories from her new ‘Side B Podcast’. Joel Furches, who is researching de-conversion, also joins the conversation.

The One Minute Apologist

Bobby discusses how to move forward after the 2020 US election.

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Mark A. Lester has been a dedicated movie reviewer since the age of 13, from the classics of the golden age to the blockbusters of the 21st century. He currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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