Weekly Podcast Round (10/25)

Risen Jesus

In the final video in this 5-part series, Lee Martin McDonald and Mike Licona discuss whether the canon of the Bible is closed. Would McDonald add a book to the Bible not presently in it or omit some literature many believe are pseudepigraphal? If someone discovered a letter the apostle Paul wrote that had been lost until now, should we consider including it in the Bible? Were the biblical authors aware that they were writing Scripture? What is 3 Corinthians and the Diatessaron?

The One Minute Apologist

Join Bobby Conway as he will get Tim Stratton to unpack Molinism for us. If you aren’t familiar with Molinism consider this a crash course of sorts, a 101 on Molinism.

Veracity Hill

(In honor of season 2 of The Mandalorian debuting on October 30th…)

*SPOILERS!* For the final episode of 2019, watch as Kurt looks back at the high points of the year. Then he discusses the newest Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker, with Chris Yiesla and Mark A. Lester. (SPOILERS!)

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Mark A. Lester has been a dedicated movie reviewer since the age of 13, from the classics of the golden age to the blockbusters of the 21st century. He currently lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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