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Veracity Hill

Ep 156: Covenant Theology
In this episode, Kurt speaks with Rob McKenzie on the differences between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology, and why Rob defends Covenant Theology.


Is abortion a human right? Ryan Christopher vs Barbara Ntume

Pro-life Christian Ryan Christopher of ADF International debates pro-choice Christian Barbara Ntumy of Abortion Rights UK.

Cerebral Faith

Is Hell a Hellacious Doctrine?

The doctrine of Hell is a stumbling block for many people. To many, it just doesn’t seem possible for God to be perfectly good yet sentence people to an eternity of torment. In this episode, Evan Minton talks about the doctrine of Hell and addresses a variety of objections to it such as “How could God punish people infinitely long for sins of finite significance?”, “How could God send infants to Hell?” “How could God be just if He punishes all sins equally?” and “What happens to those who die without ever hearing the gospel?”

Written by

Richard Porter is apologetics ministry leader at Calvary Church of West Hartford in Connecticut and a Chapter Director with Ratio Christi. Richard has studied apologetics for over a decade. Prior to his conversion, apologetics was a huge part of what God used to reel him in to the faith. From the popular works of Lee Strobel to the more academic defenses of Christianity by William Lane Craig, apologetics has always caught his eye. He has a passion for equipping Christians to defend the faith and hopes to one day be in full-time ministry. He also has aspirations to pursue an academic career of his own if the Lord permits. In his spare time Richard enjoys exploring New Testament studies and analytic philosophy. In addition to his intellectual pursuits, Richard also enjoys kettlebell and martial arts training – particularly Brazilian and Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. He also has two sons that are being trained as young apologists and martial artists.

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