Weekly Podcast Roundup (Week of 10/14)

Veracity Hill

Ep119: Word of Faith

In this episode Kurt speaks with Rob Velez on the false teaching of the Word of Faith movement. Name it and claim it, the power of positive thinking, and claims of divinity, all of which are unbiblical teachings.

Trinity Radio

S9E13: Biblical vs Christian Counseling, and Apologetics!”

What is the nature of the ongoing debate between “Biblical Counseling,” and “Christian Counseling?” How do doctrinal positions impact one’s views in the debate? What Christian Apologetics have to do with all of this? We’ll discuss some interesting connections, and similarities between the debate over apologetic methodologies, and approaches to counseling among believers. We’ll also discuss how soteriological views direct the discussions.


A tale of two doubters: Austin Fischer & Ed Atkinson

Austin Fischer is a church pastor who tells the story of his own struggle with doubt in the book ‘Faith In The Shadows: Finding Christ in the midst of doubt’ and how he has kept his faith.

Ed Atkinson is a former Christian and co-host of the Doubts Aloud podcast. He talks about why he lost his faith and why he believes Christians should take doubt more seriously.

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Kurt Jaros is the Executive Director of Defenders Media, where he oversees numerous apologetic web ministries including Apologetics315 and his weekly podcast, Veracity Hill.

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