Weekly Podcast Roundup (Week of August 26)

Trinity Radio

S9E8: Christian Zeal! (TR Student Edition)”

Trinity Students, Brandon Morris and Nick Ham have taken over Trinity Radio!!! They share their testimonies, and discuss the subject of Christian zeal! How radical should your faith be? In the midst of the discussion they tackle subjects like Mormonism, Evangelism, Apologetics, personal devotional efforts, and . . . veggie tales!

Veracity Hill

Ep112: “Gospel Reliability”

In this episode, Kurt talks with Dr. Craig A Evans on the reliability of the Gospels. What features of the Gospels makes them have historicity and how is the Gospel of John different from the others? Many questions from listeners this week!


Can Islam overcome sexism and violence? Ed Husain vs Beth Grove

Ed Husain was once a Muslim extremist. Today he is still a Muslim but says the Islam he once practised is a distorted version of the faith. In his new book The House of Islam: A Global History he argues that his religion needs to return to a once-golden age of pluralism, tolerance and diversity.

Beth Grove of Pfander regularly engages in debate with Muslims. She disputes Ed’s view of a golden age of Islam, saying that both Muslim history and scriptures advocate violence and mistreatment of women.

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Kurt Jaros is the Executive Director of Defenders Media, where he oversees numerous apologetic web ministries including Apologetics315 and his weekly podcast, Veracity Hill.

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